Coconut Breeze


Being far from a tropical oasis and coconut trees doesnt mean you can’t bring the exotic paradise to your mouth. Come try something exotic and fresh – it’s a good thing so just close your eyes and enjoy. Feel the breeze of the tropics and taste the coconut.

Cold Milled Ingredients

Product Description

Health Factors

  • Coconut meat is high in manganese - helping you metabolize both fat and protein & supports both the immune and nervous systems and promotes stable blood sugar levels
  • Unlike other saturated fats (long chain fatty acids), most of the fat in coconut is a medium chain fatty acid (Lauric acid) = broken down faster than long chain fatty acids, so they do not contribute to high cholesterol
  • Up to 44% of daily recommend intake of Fibre
  • 4000 mg Omega 3
  • NO Wheat and NO oats
  • Wheat & gluten-Free
Excellent paired with
  • Good old (coconut) Milk
  • Exceptional Fibre & Omega 3 booster in Fruit Smoothies
  • Vanilla Yogurts
  • Sprinkled onto Salads together with nuts for high Protein boost
  • Digestive cleanse with Psylium
  • Add to other oatmeals & cereals as booster

Additional Information

Weight .315 kg
Serving Size (tablespoons)


Watch out for

Sesame Allergies

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