Quality Ingredients

Starting with Quality Ingredients

How does our cereals have such dense nutritional value? There certainly aren’t any magical elves working at our facilities sprinkling pixie dust, nor are there scientists mixing in new chemical compounds.

As simple as it may sound, we just use quality ingredients that have quality nutritional value. It may sound like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo that quality natural ingredients contain quality nutrition, but it is true. We are only able to offer such unique health functional products through the core emphasis on ingredient quality from sourcing, selection, and down to the careful balancing of those ingredients.

Though we are not a big company, in fact, we are pretty small, we love putting all our attention towards the ingredients we use and especially the details. Many good and fine ingredients can be ruined without attention to the details -from storage controls to the production process to packaging materials.

Only by understanding and respecting each ingredient are we able to find best practices and ways for turning them into the most wonderfully, nutritious, and tasty Boring products we have today.

Find out more about how we take care of the details as we Artisan craft our products.

Or, dive into the loads of Super ingredients & foods that you’ll find in our Boring Porridges and Boring Oats & realize the reasons why our products are so damn great.