Contains No

Contains No

All the goodness of what is in our products aside, you might be wondering what’s NOT inside each bag? Well here’s a list:

    • No additives
    • No artificial flavours
    • No artificial sweeteners
    • No simple sugars
    • Low sodium
    • No synthetic vitamins
    • No fillers
    • No wheat*
    • No gluten*

Gluten Free Cereals

That Are Perfect for Celiacs

Gluten free foods are vital to people suffering from Celiac Disease. However, health professionals suspect that more and more people are sensitive to foods containing gluten, especially wheat gluten.

If gluten free is vital to you or if you simply like avoiding gluten because of digestive problems or a gluten allergy, all Boring Porridges and Boring Oats are perfect for you. All our cereals* are gluten–free–tested and contain less than 10 PPM (parts per million) of gluten.

We further products our products on dedicated & separate gluten-free lines and in separate runs, while following good manufacturing practices to ensure cross-contamination never occurs.

* Our Boring Oats products are made with Pure – gluten free oats, but regulations do not allow us to make a gluten free claim. These are the only bar that Celiacs may want to use with caution.