Why & What is “Boring”

What is Boring Porridge?

A tasty, nutritional, and gluten/wheat/oat free porridge consisting of a blend of ancient whole grain & seeds that are perfectly balanced, carefully roasted, and cold milled in an artisan process to give it the unique taste, texture, and LOADED with high fibre, protein, omega 3’s and antioxidants that blow away ordinary bowls of boring cereals. Unlike Boring Oats, Boring Porridge contains NO oats period.

boring porridge cold milled

Boring Porridge’s unique blend and artisan process gives Boring Porridge its nutty aroma & flavor and smooth consistent texture, while developing the most nutritious qualities of the original ingredients – naturally.

Did we mention Boring Porridge can also be used as a natural and super balanced nutritional booster to excite your boring breakfast, snacks, smoothies or workout routines?

What is Boring Oats?

A gourmet take on rolled oats using only Pure Rolled Oats (wheat/gluten free). Filled with quinoa, flax seeds, chia seeds, and coming in 4 different unique gourmet varieties, Boring Oats challenges all that you thought you knew about Oats.


From Savory to Sweet, with 0 added sugars, and perfect as muesli or cooked, Boring Oats will make you fall deeper in love with this glorious healthy whole grain! Never had Savory oatmeal before? Add some vegetable or meat stock, throw in some fresh diced veggies, and you’ve got yourself a 5 minute gourmet dinner. So time to kickback and enjoy the ride of flavor and taste right in your oatmeal.

Why “Boring”?

Let’s face it, we all have memories of the first moment we were “forced” to have our first bowls of porridge. For same, it might have been glorious, and for some, it might have been the dullest and blandest stuff you had ever had.

So that’s why we wanted to show how un-boring porridges and cereals can be! In fact, we want to show that porridges are some of the most diverse and healthiest meals out there that can be adapted to each person’s diet and lifestyle.

A history in all of us…


How many of us remember the old homestyle porridges that our parents, and even great grandparents used to make us eat? How many of us remember how bland it used to taste unless we added buckets of honey and fruits?

The history and customs of consuming porridge runs deep and strong in all countries and cultures around the world based on ingredients just as diverse but local, from steelcut oats in Scotland, to Grits of the Southern USA, to Dalia made of wheat in India, to Millet and Rice porridge in China.

And of course a bit closer to home, our good old prairie Flax porridges often mixed with wheat and oats to start off our bright yet hectic days.

So let’s say farewell to our otherwise bland portrayal of oatmeal porridges, and welcome in the whole family of Boring Porridge & Oats.

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