Boring Porridge & Boring Oats

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One-of-a-kindartisan made cereals tailored to people that are serious about the foods they eat. Packed with amazing superfoods known for balancing and bolstering health & nutrition – like flax seeds, sesame seeds, wheat-free rolled oats, and blueberries, to the exotic cocoa powders, goji berries, red dates, and quinoa – Boring Porridge and Boring Oats has you covered with our nutritional gluten-free cereals & nutritional boosters in ways you could never imagine.

We care about our quality, non-gmo & nutritional ingredients just as much as how we process them – in artisan batchs while upholding standards for quality, food & allergy safety, nutritional integrity, and down to temperature controls & textures to ensure that our body digests these superfood ingredients more efficiently & metabolizes the nutrients more completely.

+ Nutrition

    • High Soluble + Insoluble Fibres
    • Lignans
    • Balanced Omega 3 – 6 -9
    • Proteins
    • Essential Trace Vitamins & Minerals
    • Antioxidents
    • All Natural, minimally processed
    • NO Extra Sugars Added!
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+ Choices

    • Wheat/Gluten Free Rolled oats or 100% Oat-free
    • Cooked Oatmeal or Raw Museli
    • Chewy or smooth
    • Classics or Exotics
    • Sweet or Savory
    • Breakfast Booster & Topper
      or the Main Course
    • + to Milks, Yogurt, smoothies,
      spreads, salads, other cereal
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