Artisan Crafted

Artisan Crafted

We do not think ourselves as food or cereals manufactures – we think ourselves as crafters. We do not just manufacture food to fill your hungry stomachs, we craft to create a lifestyle in quality food and quality nutrition. Every piece of ingredient is refined and make superior by each detailed process that act as the glue to bound our masterpieces.

While we joke about all things Boring, we are dead serious about our artisan processes. We do not use, nor even have, huge machinery that pumps out over-heated masses of “food”. Nor do we have computerize systems & ghosts that run our entire production lines.

So how do we use to craft our products? With balanced precision, controlled temperatures, small batches, and a bit of hard work.

We actually batch make each order and never have months of product sitting in our warehouse collecting mold and bleeding away good valuable. A careful balance of temperatures is ensured to toast ingredients like flax and sesame for flavor and increase digestibility without destroying nutrition. Ingredients are carefully balanced and matched to complement each other for flavor, textures, and nutrition. We further use a Cold Milling process for our Boring Porridge products that ensure all ingredients are milled to the right fineness without any increases in temperatures that typically result in conventional milling processes. In fact, our Boring Porridge’s are still below freezing point when they are packed, sealed, and boxed ready to be shipped!

At the end of the day, We believe in the quality of ingredients we use, and take pride in the careful and detailed process of crafting fine products, even if it means taking the extra time to make it perfect, by hand.