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The original and very first (and most boring) of Boring Porridges. However to most of its fans, it is known for its very natural flavors that is the essense of Boring porridge with the distinct nutty flavors of perfectly toasted flax and sesame that awaken your senses.

Cold Milled Ingredients

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Product Description

Health Factors

  • Up to 56% of daily recommend intake of Fibre
  • 5000 mg Omega 3
  • very High source of Vitamin A
    & Iron
  • good source of Vitamin C & Calcium
  • No sugars added
  • Loaded with antioxidants
  • NO Wheat and NO oats
  • Wheat & gluten-Free
  • Lactose-Free
  • Vegan
Excellent paired with
  • Good old Milk
  • Exceptional Fibre & Omega 3 booster in Fruit Smoothies
  • Berry Yogurts
  • Sprinkled onto Salads together with nuts for high Protein boost
  • Digestive cleanse with Psylium
  • Add to other oatmeals & cereals as booster

Additional Information

Weight .315 kg
Serving Size (tablespoons)


Watch out for

Sesame Allergies

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